A better life: Why did Fabienne Carat leave?


Fabienne Carat will soon be leaving Plus belle la vie. She explains the reasons in an interview. So we’ll have to say goodbye to Samia.

You know, Fabienne Carat, the actress who plays Samia in Plus belle la vie va leaving. And with her her character, present from the start. But why is the actress leaving? We come back to the reasons for his rather sudden departure.

The fans are sad to see the young woman go. Especially a few days before his marriage to Hadrien. Everyone wants to see her end with Boher, her lifelong love. But the actress has to go, so what’s her end?

But apparently, Fabienne Carat had made a proposal to the production of Plus belle la vie à vivre. She just wanted to be a little more available for possible projects. Which she couldn’t do anymore.

“You also become an actress to play as many characters as possible and there were times when I wanted to play others. I do this, but in a moderate way because the series is very time-consuming and people imagine that we will never be available for a new project, “she told Télé Star.”


But before handing in her resignation, the Plus belle la vie actress made a proposal not to disrupt the series. She confided that to Télé 7 jours. She proposed to simply give her character to another actress for Samia to continue.

But the production quickly dismissed this idea. It must be said that Fabienne Carat has been playing Samia for more than ten years. “I offered it to the production. [She] kindly declined, explaining that I had been the character for too long for it to be believable. […] ”She explained to Télé 7 Jours.

But what will be the end of his character in Plus belle la vie? “To be honest with you, I don’t know what the future is for Samia, who won’t appear on screen after January 8, even though we continue to talk about her for the next three weeks.”


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