A better life: thoroughly upon Samia’s disappearance!


In Plus belle la vie, Samia’s disappearance is at the heart of the questions. Jean-Paul and Abdel discover a new element.

The disappearance of Samia is the big plot for fans of Plus belle la vie. Jean-Paul and Abdel recently made a new discovery.

Plus belle la vie is known for its many twists and turns. Indeed, the TV series continues to offer new plots. What to make the fans happy then.

In recent weeks, it is the disappearance of Samia that animates Plus belle la vie. Indeed, after 15 years of screen presence, Samia Nasri has left the Mistral. Eh yes !

Even if the final scene of actress Fabienne Carat has greatly disappointed fans of the series, the disappearance of her character remains omnipresent in the episodes. Not surprising at the same time. His character was one of the flagship intrigues of the Marseille series.

Indeed, Lucie’s mother disappears after realizing the extent of her feelings for her ex Jean-Paul. She also has to leave her fiance Hadrian. Ouch!

For his part, Jean-Paul Boher discovers feelings for Léa. Samia feels overwhelmed by everything that is going on. She therefore decides to leave Marseille for good. Since the young woman remains untraceable.

After the capital scoop revealed by Léa about Samia’s disappearance, it is the turn of Jean-Paul and Abdel to make a new discovery.


Since Samia’s disappearance, Jean-Paul no longer lives. Indeed Captain Boher tries to understand what happened to his ex-wife. More beautiful life does not cease to increase the stress among fans of the series. We love !

To better understand Samia’s departure, Jean-Paul was able to count on the help of Léa, Samia’s friend. Indeed, Lucie’s dad is struggling to find the beautiful brunette.

Recently, Jean-Paul even thinks that Pavel could have attacked her. In short, the Captain of Plus belle la vie does not know where to turn. Not easy at the same time.

Indeed, the clues about the disappearance of pretty Samia do not run the streets. And yet, it seems that Jean-Paul and Abdel are heading for a whole new lead. Finally !


Around a coffee shared by Jean-Paul and Abdel, the latter receives a masked call that could well get things done.

But you know that in Plus belle la vie, nothing is simple. Indeed, this call is hidden. It is impossible for Abdel to call this number again. Thin !

This call is actually given by a client of Abdel. The latter had been beaten by the municipal police. Samia and Jean-Paul had therefore helped in their defense. The young man admits to having withdrawn his complaint and being obliged to leave the country.

Jean-Paul therefore concludes: “It stinks of attempted intimidation”. Abdel then replies: “Do you think it has something to do with Samia?” “. Very sure of himself Jean-Paul adds: “I don’t think so anymore, I’m sure. “.

On the Web, the assumptions diverge and the comments fuse. Strongly the continuation. To be continued.


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