A better life: Thomas announces his project with Barbara!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Thomas will shock his father by telling him that the new premises of his bar will be in front of his.

A page turns in “Plus belle la vie”. In the next episodes of the fiction, Thomas will sell his shares in the bar du Mistral. And what will be the surprise of Roland when he learns that his son is going to launch his own restaurant a few steps from his.

Every day, viewers of “Plus belle la vie” are there to follow the different plots of fiction. At the moment, the writers have also put the package to spice up the daily life of Mistraliens.

After several years of absence, Emma has finally reunited with her younger sister Camille! The two women are obviously eager to make up for lost time.

As a reminder, Mathis’s aunt was kidnapped and kidnapped when she was a child. For their part, Eric and Kevin do their best to lift the veil on his past.

As they research, the duo understand that she went through hell alongside her captor. To make matters worse, the latter is obviously determined to get his hands on his young captive.

And in the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”, Baptiste and Emma will quickly become disillusioned because of Camille’s actions. But they are not the only characters in the series to encounter problems within their family sphere.

Indeed, Thomas Marci has also seen better days. To this day, Doctor Riva’s companion no longer wants to set foot in the Mistral bar.

Family secrets have damaged his good relationship with his father Roland. And he is determined to turn the page!


Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Baptiste’s father decided to start his own restaurant with Barbara! The duo who have always loved working together are full of ideas to flesh out their beautiful project.

And Gabriel and Caesar are never far from telling them news. To raise funds, Thomas therefore did not hesitate to sell his shares in the bar du Mistral, causing general surprise to everyone around him.

Fortunately, Léo Castelli has also decided to buy them back to Roland’s delight. But Mathis’s great-grandfather will quickly be disillusioned.

Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, he will learn from his son’s mouth that the latter has found a room that is opposite his! Mirta’s ex-boyfriend then realizes that he will become her main competitor.

Another hard blow for Roland. And he will have a hard time taking the news.


Indeed, Roland knows well Barbara’s culinary talents! As a reminder, Léo Castelli’s daughter trained in her kitchens.

And the young woman is a real cordon bleu. For his part, Thomas excels as a waiter. His good humor and his sense of commerce are also his trademark.

No doubt Roland will try to readjust the shot so as not to get caught up in the pharaonic project of his son and Barbara. So to follow in “Plus belle la vie”.