A better life: the waiter comes to Fanny Mistral!


Fans of “Plus belle la vie” will have a smile! Yes, Fanny finally agreed to be a waitress in Thomas and Barbara’s bar.

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”, Fanny will make Thomas and Barbara happy. Indeed, the pretty brunette will tell them that she wants to work with them.

At the moment, multiple intrigues are to be followed in “Plus belle la vie”. Last I heard, Thomas and Barbara have finally managed to open their own restaurant.

But their beautiful project did not make everyone happy on the Place du Mistral. Quite the contrary!

Indeed, the duo named their new bar “Le Marci”. Only problem, it is in front of that of Roland.

For Sophie and her colleagues, this is too much betrayal. Mirta’s ex-boyfriend, meanwhile, told his son that he had been injured that he used his surname without consulting him.

In the process, Roland also decided to deny it. The height!

Wanting to take a step back from the situation, Batiste’s grandfather therefore decided to leave Marseille for a while. Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Thomas and Barbara were looking for a new waitress.

Indeed, the one they had found did not please Dr. Riva’s husband so much. In truth, Emma’s stepfather fell in love with a “bubbly” young woman who worked as a taxi cab.

Totally won over by his personality, Thomas did everything to find his trace. And he succeeded because she is going to meet him at the bar “Marci”.


Soon in “Plus belle vie”, Barbara and Thomas will do everything to convince Fanny to work with them. Despite their efforts, the young woman does not seem so convinced by their proposal.

Even so, she assures them that she will advertise them to her clients. During their exchange, César, Barbara’s darling, will then enter the restaurant.

And obviously, his arrival will have an effect on Fanny. In the process, the young woman will finally reconsider her decision.

The pretty brunette then confides in them that she agrees to become their waitress to everyone’s surprise. If Thomas and Barbara seem to be happy with the news, they should still be wary.

In the sequence, Caesar does not seem insensitive to Fanny’s charm either. If Emma’s sidekick has been having perfect love with Léo Castelli’s daughter for several months, it should not be forgotten that he also has a reputation as a seducer.

Will his relationship with Barbara be shattered ?! Case to be continued in “Plus belle vie”.


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