A better life: The mouses trapped doctor Livia!


Mouss is still in prison in Plus belle la vie. The young man will manipulate Livia in order to have her bed! For several days, Mouss has been in prison in Plus belle la vie. The young man will use Livia’s phobia to recover his bed. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Mouss has been in big trouble for several days in Plus belle la vie. Not long ago, Luna’s friend was tricked by Mazelle. The commissioner is ready to do anything to get rid of him so that he does not recognize him and take him to court.

Indeed, Mazelle was responsible for Mouss’s car accident and did not come to his aid. So it is largely because of him that Luna’s friend is in the wheelchair. However, he is very afraid that he will eventually recognize him and so set him up.

For several days, Mouss has been accused of a murder he did not commit and is therefore in prison. The young man is in a mess and he has a hard time getting respect. Besides, he shares his cell with Livia.

Livia did not want to leave the bottom bed to Mouss and the young man struggles to go to bed every night because of his chair. Nevertheless, he will soon manage to have the bottom bunk and will manipulate Livia in Plus belle la vie.


In an excerpt from this Friday, November 20 episode of Plus belle la vie, Livia will be at its worst because of the many germs around her. He will clean everything with a product, but will discover a huge cockroach on his bed.

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The detainee will be in shock and Mouss will see it as an opportunity. So the young man is going to tell Livia that the cockroach is a female. For him, it is clear that she surely had time to lay eggs in the mattress. Thus, Livia risks sleeping in a bed with larvae!

The ex-doctor will refuse to keep the bottom bunk because he will be too afraid to sleep on the possible larvae. He will therefore require Mouss to give him the top bunk.

Mouss will be delighted with his blow and will finally have a little more comfort in Plus belle la vie. Nevertheless, during the night, the young man will remember his scooter accident and could finally end up remembering Mazelle… So, will he soon get out of prison and bring down the commissioner? To be continued!


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