A better life: the connected sound in Villa Rosa de Laetitia?


Laetitia has agreed to move to Villa Rosa. But did you recognize the voice behind it in Plus belle la vie?

Laetitia and her little family are soon to move to a large villa called Villa Rosa in Plus belle la vie. But this one has a peculiarity. Indeed, it is fully connected. Her name ? Rosa! And it controls the entire electrical system in the house. But the cleaning lady hesitates.

It will have been hard to convince Laetitia to leave her small apartment. However, Sébastien and she had applied for social housing. But in the end, the town hall offered them this modern villa to be the very first to live there.

But that did not reassure the mother of the family. She does not trust this new home automation system. Especially since she isn’t used to having that much space. But the city wanted to make a gesture towards him. Indeed, she was suffering the drama of the collapse of the gymnasium.

It cost the life of her husband, Jerome. To be “forgiven”, the city therefore decides to offer them this house in Plus belle la vie. She still decides to visit with her son Kevin. But we feel it, not necessarily reassured. During the visit, the agent explains everything to him.

Rosa can do anything and answer all their questions. We see in an excerpt the visit to the kitchen. And even the oven is connected to artificial intelligence. But Laetitia doesn’t see the point. She, she wants the oven to make “roast chicken” and “pasta gratin.” ”


But Plus belle la vie’s real estate agent is not losing his way. He continues to show her what Rosa can do. So he asks him how to properly cook a leg of lamb! We then hear the voice of artificial intelligence responding to the different cookings for this meat.

And that does not amaze Laetitia too much. His son Kevin has stars in his eyes. He absolutely wants to move here. Especially since he would like his girlfriend, Emilie, to come and live with them. Even if the relationship between her and Kevin’s mother is not looking good.

But during the visit, did you recognize Rosa’s voice? It might sound familiar to you. Indeed, it is the French understudy of Julia Roberts. A very famous voice that we are surprised to hear in episodes of Plus belle la vie!

Usually she is automatically associated with the character of Julia Roberts. The name of the dubber? Céline Monssarat. But in addition to dubbing the actress, she is also the voice of Dory in Finding Nemo or Finding Dory. The voice actor is therefore diversifying.

If you want to follow this story, don’t hesitate to watch the next episodes of the Marseille series. Will Laetitia get used to her brand new home?


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