A better life: Samia has a clue in disappearing!


While Samia (Plus belle la vie) has been missing for a while, Boher is determined to continue researching his daughter’s mother!

The last few months have been very trying for Samia (Plus belle la vie). When she was due to get married, she canceled everything for Boher. The beauty soon realized that she still had real feelings for her daughter’s father.

On Christmas Eve, Samia (Plus belle la vie) got stuck with Boher in her car. The two took advantage of this blackout to recall beautiful memories. Fans believed that a little flame was rekindled.

And on the side of Samia (Plus belle la vie), it was the case. The day she tried on her wedding dress, she made a declaration of love to Boher. Finally, it was her future husband, Hadrien, who was behind the cabin.

The young woman then had to confess that she still had feelings for Boher. And that she couldn’t marry him. The beautiful brunette has tried to break up the union between her ex and Irina.

She then disembarked at church at the time of the exchange of covenants. Unfortunately for her, Boher did not ask Irina or Samia in marriage, but Lea. Since that moment, Samia has experienced a descent into hell.

Totally lost in her life, Samia (Plus belle la vie) has made a big decision. She abandoned her daughter and Boher. The day she left, she left them two letters. But since then, her daughter’s dad has been looking for her.

More beautiful life: Boher has a lead on Samia’s disappearance!


If Samia (Plus belle la vie) has decided to leave the Mistral for good, Boher refuses to face the truth. He wants at all costs to continue his research to find out what prompted him to leave.

It must be said that the departure of Samia in Plus belle la vie left the fans unsatisfied. Some find it hard to believe that the character could abandon his daughter. The one who plays her role, Fabienne Carat seems to agree with them.

In an interview with Ciné Télé Revus, the actress revealed, “I have to admit that I totally agree with the audience in the sense that it’s a bit of a weird start. Even I as a performer feel confused. ”

The actress also added: “It feels like they didn’t know that I had given notice of my departure beforehand. Even I didn’t know what was going on when I was playing, which was very disturbing ”.

Fabienne Carat (Plus belle la vie) explained: “I had to trust them. But I was a little unsatisfied. The question should be put to the production, because I am a little coite, like the viewers ”.


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