A better life: Samia could interrupt Jean Paul’s marriage!


The weddings of December 31 keep all their promises in Plus belle la vie! Samia indeed interrupts Jean-Paul’s marriage …

So Samia takes the plunge! All fans of Plus belle la vie wondered how the story between the young woman and Jean-Paul could end … But the weddings of December 31 keep all their promises!

Because getting married at the same time, but not with the same person, that would inevitably pose a problem… And Hadrien therefore pays the price first! The politician thus finds himself planted by Samia in front of the altar …

But the young woman begins a race against time: she must prevent Jean-Paul from saying yes to Irina! Unbearable suspense in Plus belle la vie: how can she do it?

She must in any case face the reproaches of Hadrian … But also questions from the press. What a waste of time, when you have to quickly join the Orthodox Church! She thus begins her flight …

But in the Orthodox Church, all is not going well either! Second surprise from the writers of Plus belle la vie: Jean-Paul is going to marry “Léa… uh, Irina”. A terrible slip that sets fire to the powder.


And the blaze therefore takes hold on all sides! Because Jean-Paul finds himself between two fires: why then did he pronounce Lea’s name? Irina and Samia have a lot of questions to ask him… But Boher flees.

He can’t make up his mind, but assures us that he doesn’t love Irina anymore … So two marriages fall apart at the same time. Will the soap opera Plus belle la vie bring the Boher-Samia couple together?

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No ! Because after a long reflection, Jean-Paul seems confused: he no longer loves Samia either! After looking for her while she was in Hadrian’s arms, he turns his jacket over …

And even makes a much harsher announcement: he’s in love with Lea! A real problem, because the young woman loves women … How will he get out of this quagmire? Answer in 2021, in Plus belle la vie!


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