A better life: Roland in soap opera


In Plus Belle La Vie as in real life, everyone hides their little secrets. Especially the ones you least suspect!

Indeed, Roland will attract attention in the next episodes of the Marseille soap. As the case over Alex Melmont’s death comes to a close, the intrigue will revolve around the former bar boss.

And for good reason, Mirta Torres’ former companion has been very secretive since the arrival of his friend Sophie. Yep, the mother called her in complete panic after years of silence.

The reason ? She lives with an abusive husband, who had just beat up on his eldest son. So Sophie had no choice: she had to leave their family home. And quick !

So she found no other solution than to call Roland (Michel Cordes). Thus, the retiree – pained by their situation – installs them with his son Thomas.

After all, the place is free. The barmaid of Plus Belle La Vie and his darling Gabriel, on vacation, have had happy days far from Marseille. So, you might as well occupy their apartment!

But when Thomas returns from vacation, he discovers the unpleasant surprise of finding Sophie and her two children at home. He didn’t know at all, and gets angry with his father.


Indeed, the father / son relationship between Thomas and Roland Marci will be very weakened because of the next plot of Plus Belle La Vie.

And for good reason, the barmaid will discover that his father is hiding a heavy secret from him. When he asks his father to put Sophie somewhere other than his home, Roland is also furious.

No, they won’t leave! So, Thomas Marci begins to doubt his fictional father in Plus Belle La Vie. What is he hiding from him?

To get answers to her questions, Gabriel’s darling is going to cut a lock of Sophie’s hair to do a DNA test. Could it be his sister?


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