A better life: Mila was changed due to Covid-19!


On Instagram, Malika Alaoui (Mila) confided that she was in contact with Covid-19. More beautiful life will replace it digitally!

Since 2018, Plus belle la vie fans have met Malika Alaoui. The latter plays the role of Mila. Unfortunately, the young woman had to leave the sets because of the Covid-19.


Indeed, Malika Alaoui (Plus belle la vie) has revealed to be positive for the virus. On Instagram, she said: “Following the last announcement and the many kind and adorable messages that I have received I leave you this little message to reassure you”.

Malika Aloui (Plus belle la vie) revealed: “And tell you that I’m fine. I had to withdraw from the film sets of Plus Belle la Vie because I was identified in case of (close) contact. In my absence I pass the relay to Laura Farrugia “.

The young woman also added: “She will take over the role of Mila. While waiting for all doubts of suspicion of Covid-19 to disappear. In the meantime, I’m still on air until the end of November! “.


The directors of Plus belle la vie will therefore appeal to “deep fake” to make up for its absence. This technique consists of making photo montage. Laura Farrugia shot the missing scenes.

On the other hand, the face of Malika Aloui will be put in place of that of Laura Farrugia. Via assembly tools. The Newmen company confided: “The production is very planned”.

She also added, “And this is the first time that there has been a blockage at this point. It was impossible to postpone or rewrite his scenes ”. For the series, the prod therefore called the Youtubeur FrenchFaker.

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The young man took only a week to complete this assembly. In the days to come, fans will then discover this technique of “deep fake”. It remains to be seen whether this ploy will go unnoticed!


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