A better life: Luna would do anything for her friend Mouss!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Luna will take out the heavy artillery to exonerate her friend Mouss of the murder of Monique Perrier.

Commissioner Mazelle is going to have a little surprise! In the upcoming episodes of “Plus belle la vie”, Luna will give an exclusive interview to Eugénie Grangé to relaunch the investigation into the death of Monique Perrier …

At the moment, viewers of “Plus belle la vie” have several plots to follow! Last I heard, Mouss is still in Les Baumettes.

Nathan’s roommate has been accused (wrongly) of orchestrating the murder of Monique Perrier – a friend of Claire! And obviously, it was Commissioner Mazelle who orchestrated everything to make him wear the hat.

But Mouss’s entourage will do everything to prove his innocence. And Luna and Mila are in the front line to act!

Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Commissioner Mazelle gave an interview to Eugenie Grangé who heads the media: “Massilia News”. But as they speak, the reporter quickly realizes that the investigation seems sloppy.

Annoyed by his innuendo, Boher’s supervisor abruptly suspended the interview. But knowing Ash’s ex-sidekick is bad.

The pretty blonde will – thereafter – turn to Luna to know a little more about this case which seems to have been quickly closed by the authorities.


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Ariane and the commissioner will have a little surprise. Indeed, they will discover Luna’s online interview with “Massilia News”.

And Mirta’s daughter is not going dead hand! In good times as in bad times, she has always been able to count on Mouss.

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Loyal, she hopes to return the favor! Facing the camera, Pavel’s ex-girlfriend then explains that it was a “stunt”.

And that the drugs but also the crime army – found in Mouss’s room – did not belong to him. Luna is convinced that the perpetrator of this act is within the police.

Unsurprisingly, his words will ignite the powder! And Commissioner Mazelle could well call him to account in the episodes to come… To be continued in “Plus belle la vie”!


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