A better life: Lucie runs away from Jacob


Once safe and sound, Lucie tells about her kidnapping by Jacob to the police officers in Plus belle la vie. It’s the end of an ordeal for little Lucie in Plus belle la vie! After being kidnapped by Jacob, the girl tells the police about her kidnapping.

What a relief ! After weeks of anguish, Jean-Paul Boher – emblematic character of Plus belle la vie – can finally breathe. His dear little Lucie is safe and sound.

Indeed, the former lieutenant’s daughter had been kidnapped by Jacob. So the ex-constable worried that he would never get her back.

Fortunately, Camille came to his aid. While she herself was a prisoner of this man, Emma’s little sister (Pauline Bression) could not let her go through the same ordeal.

So Camille advised him to run away. Along the way, the little girl from Plus belle la vie found refuge with a farmer. So this person took her directly to the police station.

Ariane and the social worker therefore wasted no time interviewing the girl. And the least we can say is that his testimony is shivering!

“I think we were in a stone house,” she remembers at first. Around, “there was a forest”. The rest, on the other hand, she “does not remember”.

So how did she get away? This is the question of the social worker. “There is a girl who helped me. She told me to get out. Of running. ”

More beautiful life – Lucie escapes Jacob and tells about her ordeal


Next, Ariane and the social worker at Plus belle la vie asked Lucie to describe her captor. Once again, the memories remain hazy.

“I think he had a cap on. You couldn’t see his eyes. “Then his father’s former companion asks him:” And that cap, he wore it all the time? ”

However, Lucie cannot find an answer. “I don’t remember it because I was asleep,” explains the little blonde head with the sad pout.

Then the little girl from Plus belle la vie adds: “When I left, I heard it. He was shouting. So, the one accompanying the police officer overbid: “When you were outside, did you walk for a long time? ”

It didn’t take any longer for Lucie’s voice to tremble. ” Yes. I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t stop. I was too scared he would catch me. ”

So Ariane and the expert are reassuring to say the least. “But that didn’t happen! See, you have nothing more to fear. “Not sure Lucie can recover from such a traumatic event.

Thus, viewers of the Marseille soap believe that she will have to have several appointments with the psychologist to avoid this trauma. And it won’t be a piece of cake …


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