A better life: Léa François inspired by Best Chef!


Barbara has just opened the Marci with Thomas in Plus belle la vie. Léa François draws a lot of inspiration from Top Chef to be on top.

Fans of Plus belle la vie were able to see a new restaurant at Place du Mistral. Barbara and Thomas opened the Marci and Léa François gave some secrets to be on top during the shooting. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

A new restaurant at Le Mistral in Plus belle la vie! For several days now, fans have been following a big plot around Emma. The young woman has found her sister, Camille, and the latter was abducted several years ago by Jacob. The mobster treated her like his daughter and Camille is under his influence.

Emma therefore does everything to protect her sister. For his part, Jacob decided to kidnap another young girl in order to blackmail and get Camille back. So, a few days ago he attacked Lucie, Boher’s daughter. Since then, the police officer has been in a panic and is doing everything to find his child.

The intrigue around Camille and Emma should soon come to an end in Plus belle la vie. At the same time, fans were able to discover a brand new restaurant, Place du Mistral. Indeed, right in front of Rolland’s bar, Barbara and Thomas have opened an establishment.

The Marci already seems to be a big success in the soap opera of France 3. However, this has caused some jealousy in the neighborhood. In any case, Barbara does everything to be on top and even seems very professional. It must be said that Léa François worked a lot on her character.


Barbara looks like a real cook in Plus belle la vie. She is doing very well and is already enjoying great success. Food looks pretty good at Marci and fans can check out Barbara’s few dishes. However, it was not all easy for Léa François.

The actress had to prepare well to make Barbara a boss. “Basically, I’m a terrible cook,” the actress told Télé Loisirs. So she had to find a way to learn everything and appear talented behind the stove. So she watched all the cooking shows to be on top.

“Yes, I watch Top Chef and cooking shows,” she confessed to our colleagues. So, on Wednesday evenings, the actress sits down in front of Philippe Etchebest’s show and tries to reproduce everything she sees. “I copy their gestures, I try to observe them well to reproduce them,” she added.

Léa François still seems to have taken a liking to cooking thanks to Barbara in Plus belle la vie. As a result, she cooks a lot more and is happy when one of her dishes is successful. “The result doesn’t always live up to expectations, but Barbara inspires me. », She confessed. Léa François still knows how to give the illusion that Barbara is a pro and we love this new role!