A better life: Jocelyn faces his last wishes!


In the next episode of Plus Belle La Vie, Jocelyn will reveal her last wishes to Yolande. Will he achieve them all?

Attention spoilers in Plus Belle La Vie! Before taking her own life, Jocelyn had shot a video for Yolande. He revealed his last wishes to her.

It’s over ! In the soap opera Plus Belle La Vie, Jocelyn will soon take her last breath. Yolande’s companion wanted to leave this world before wasting away from illness.

So Babeth’s father had everything planned. In addition to having orchestrated his last days as he saw fit, the old man had also shot videos.

First, for his daughter. Indeed, Jocelyn reminded him how much he loved her. But in addition, he had filmed a little message for Yolande, who thought of committing suicide by his side.

In front of the lens, the man who killed himself in Plus Belle La Vie asked him not to be angry with him.

If Jocelyn was condemned because of Alzheimer’s, Yolande (Elisabeth Commelin) still has a bright future ahead of her. So she had to take advantage of it.

But in addition, the principal concerned preferred to know her alive so that she could carry out her last wishes.

“A funeral pyre. This is the best (…) There is no more rock’n’roll ”, he begins, before adding:“ My ashes, instead of scattering them in the Ganges, you will send them to space. ”


If Jocelyn would like to be propelled into “space”, there is good reason: “That way, I’ll never lose sight of you. I’m counting on you, my bird of paradise. ”

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The one who has just left Plus Belle La Vie takes advantage of this video to apologize to him. “Sorry for what I’m going to do to you.” One day you will understand me, ”he said.

But we have to believe that the images shot by Jocelyn do not have the desired effect. Never has she been so angry.

“Huh? Are you counting on me? Oh yeah, she rebels. You leave me behind like an old sock, you bitch. (…) No, but I’m dreaming! »To be continued in Plus Belle La Vie.


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