A better life: Jean-Paul Boher is advancing in his research!


At the moment in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul Boher does not hesitate to get his hands dirty to find out more about Samia’s disappearance!

For several weeks in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul Boher has been ready to do anything to lift the veil on Samia’s disappearance. And Lucie’s dad is progressing little by little in his investigation.

The intrigues follow one another in “Plus belle la vie”. One of them focusing on Romain Vidal particularly fascinates viewers of fiction!

Not so long ago, the latter was still hospitalized in the large hospital in Marseille following a brawl trying to save Luna from rape. In the city, he is also a very famous surgeon.

Victoire was amazed by her diagnoses several times, who was very conscientious about her follow-up. So much so that the young woman even diagnosed him with Huntington’s disease.

Completely upset upon hearing the news, Romain Vidal then attempted to commit suicide. Fortunately, Doctor Riva’s colleague was able to save his life in extremis!

In the process, they also slept together. After this little prank, Estelle’s sidekick preferred to confess everything to her husband Sacha, who decided to forgive her.

Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, the journalist was quickly disillusioned when he learned that his rival was finally staying in Marseille! In addition, Romain Vidal has decided to open a health and wellness center with Estelle at the Mistral.

Victoire’s darling is ready to do anything to save his marriage! And he won’t hesitate to come to blows if necessary …


Other characters in “Plus belle la vie” have seen better days! Like Jean-Paul Boher who does his best to find Samia.

Abdel’s ex-mentor understood that his ex-wife was pressured to leave Marseille. Lucie’s dad therefore decided to infiltrate the municipal police to find out more about it.

And Boher is not going to be at the end of his surprises by approaching Berger and Machet. Together with other colleagues, they commit the worst crimes with impunity!

But the balance of the small group was upset following the death of their colleague Jérémy Franceschini. To avenge him, Boher and his team managed to kidnap Malbec during his transfer to the judge.

To test his loyalty, Berger and Machet asked Lucie’s dad to kill Malbec directly … In return, the duo also promised to make some revelations about Samia’s disappearance.

Jean-Paul accepts the request and must make a symbolic mark on a barrel of the hideout of the two friends.

Boher will discover three other marks on the wood. Do any of them have something to do with Samia?

It is quite possible … Yet Machet will say otherwise. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.


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