A better life: Jean-Paul announces his love’s hospitalization!


In the episode of this Thursday, January 7, Jean-Paul has finally decided to declare his love to Léa, hospitalized, in Plus belle la vie!

In the excerpt from episode 4189 of Plus belle la vie on January 7, Jean-Paul made a great declaration of love to Leah. While the latter is hospitalized, he takes advantage of her rest to tell her all his love.

Jean-Paul (Plus belle la vie) no longer knows where to turn. When he was supposed to marry Irina, he canceled everything on his wedding day. As he was about to tie his life back to his own, he took a step back. Samia also had hope.

If fans thought Jean-Paul (Plus belle la vie) and Samia were going to get back together, they aren’t. However, the pretty brunette is indeed in love with her ex. In addition, the latter asked for his hand, in his dreams.

But instead of asking for Samia’s hand, the young man asked for Lea’s. A big surprise because no one expected this huge twist. He took the opportunity to make a pretty declaration of love to the beautiful blonde.


While Léa, hospitalized, sleeps soundly, Jean-Paul (Plus belle la vie) has decided to visit her. Seeing that she is asleep, he took the opportunity to make a very nice declaration of love for her. He was very emotional.

The young man said, “Of course I lied to you. You are not just a friend. And when I tell my best mate that’s still a lie. How to tell a chick like you, when you’re a guy like me, that I have a furious attraction for her “.

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Lucie’s dad also added, “You’re young, you’re beautiful. I am almost old, almost ugly. And besides, women attract you. I can hardly prove you wrong. But I love you anyway. And even worse ”.

Finally, Jean-Paul concluded: “I just love you”. An adorable declaration of love that Léa unfortunately did not hear. Case to follow!


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