A better life: is she ready to give up marriage with Irina?


Untenable suspense in Plus belle la vie: will Boher end up giving up his marriage? In any case, Samia seems to believe it thoroughly!

The end of Samia’s story on the Mistral is approaching … But we still don’t know who she will end up with! While her wedding won’t take place in Plus belle la vie, will Boher follow her? Nothing is less sure !

Because yes, Samia ends up making up her mind… but a little late. Once in front of the altar, she therefore decides to crash Hadrian to go and bypass the marriage of Jean-Paul and Irina. But will she get there in time?

A lot of pitfalls thus come on her last path in Plus belle la vie … But she eventually arrives at church. Just in time, therefore, to prevent Boher from saying “yes” to Irina!

Hope is reborn, therefore, for the one who has just broken up her own marriage to break that of her ex. But that was without counting on Jean-Paul’s carelessness, which added to the critical situation …

While Samia had started the series of problems with the wrong address, Jean-Paul follows her with the wrong first name! Very embarrassing situation in Plus belle la vie! Star Actu adds more …


Because not only does Boher get the wrong first name in front of Irina… but he does not pronounce Samia’s! It must also be said that with all these names in “a”, there is something to get lost. And therefore, pronounce Léa!

No one understands what is going on in the assembly anymore. More beautiful life has therefore in store for us a new twist! Neither Samia nor Irina seems able to understand …

But Jean-Paul is clearing his mind. While he has just assured Samia that he has no feelings for Leah, he leaves Irina … But does not feel any desire to find Samia!

All this work to arrive at two “no” in front of two altars… But Plus belle la vie has one last surprise in store. No, Boher no longer loves Samia … Because he realizes that he loves Lea!


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