A better life: Is Luna a victim of Barbara’s moods?


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Luna will surprise a customer by praising the merits of the two bars on the Place du Mistral.

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”, Luna will advertise the two flagship establishments on Place du Mistral to a guest of her hotel. The only problem Thomas, Barbara and Claire are going to get loose not far from them.

At the moment in “Plus belle la vie”, the intrigues follow one another to the delight of its viewers. And on the Place du Mistral, war is declared!

Not long ago, Thomas and Barbara were finally able to inaugurate their own bar: “Le Marci”. Unfortunately, their restaurant is not very unanimous among those around them.

Indeed, Roland was shocked that his son used his surname to name his new establishment without consulting him. Overwhelmed by events, Baptiste’s grandfather therefore decided to leave Marseille for an indefinite period.

Sophie, Alison and Claire are convinced that Thomas and Barbara are going to overshadow them. We understand them!

It is true that Léo Castelli’s daughter does wonders in the kitchen. While Emma’s father-in-law always has the right words to delight his customers.

In addition, they also recruited Fanny an outstanding waitress who seems to be unanimous within their team. During a sequence of “Plus belle la vie”, Luna will sing the praises of the two flagship restaurants on Place du Mistral. But nothing is going to go as planned!

More beautiful life: Luna victim of the moods of Barbara and Thomas?

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On a daily basis in “Plus belle la vie”, Luna manages a beautiful hotel on the Place du Mistral. Concerned about the well-being of her customers, Rudy’s mother always puts the small dishes in the big ones to satisfy all her customers.

Soon in the famous fiction, she will also direct one of them who wants to have his opinion on the restaurants in the neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, Pavel’s ex-girlfriend is going to be bragging about the two must-see bars she knows well.

“The easiest way is to come back to the square, you have two superb establishments”, explains Luna, who cannot decide between the two. Faced with the hesitation of his interlocutor, Mouss’s sidekick will then be very persuasive.

” Everyone knows each other. Everyone gets along well. We’re a bit like a big family… Or almost (…) ”, underlines Luna.

But also: “You make the Mistral even one day. It’s traditional. Simple and family. And then on odd days, you go to Marci, it’s more gastro, but without worrying. ”

But their exchange will come to an end due to a heated argument between Thomas, Barbara and Claire which breaks out at the same time not far from them. This clash obviously undermines his praise for them. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.


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