A better life: Is Jean-Paul Boher leaving Samia?


Will Jean-Paul Boher be the next to leave the Plus belle la vie series? We give you more details. Will Jean-Paul Boher leave Plus belle la vie after Samia?

2020 has been a very eventful year on many levels. Fans of Plus belle la vie had to say goodbye to an emblematic character of the French series.

It is indeed the character of Samia. Her interpreter Fabienne Carat left the ship.

She will also have lived a particularly busy year, both professionally and personally. The young actress has indeed written a book.

But she also had to face her divorce from Xavier Houillon. She told TéléStar that she was experiencing a real turning point in her life.

The actress nevertheless confides that her departure from the France 3 soap opera was not at all anticipated. So maybe it was divorce that awakened in her this desire for renewal.

“Then came the need to live differently, to start from scratch” she confided. Anyway, Samia’s interpreter has decided to change her life.

But his departure then raises other questions. Will Jean-Paul Boher follow her?

According to the actor of Plus belle la vie, this option is not being considered at all. This reassure fans of the French soap opera who were worried about seeing another iconic character from their favorite show leave.

Stéphane Henon therefore confided in this subject during a question and answer session organized with the fans. Here is what he thinks.


Fans of Plus belle la vie took advantage of this interview to learn about the future of Stéphane Henon’s character. Is Jean-Paul Boher’s departure imminent?

“To reassure you, this is not the news. “Reassures the French actor. He will add that he was very happy where he is.

Before adding that even though he was involved in other projects, it should not have any influence on his role in Plus belle la vie. “I like my character, I have fun. As long as I’m having fun, I will continue, “explains Stéphane Henon.

But he doesn’t hide from his fans that he is unable to promise them that he will always be there. “The day I don’t have fun anymore, when it becomes restrictive, I wouldn’t do this job for the money, that’s for sure! »He specifies.

But if ever Stéphane Henon were to leave the series of France 3, what could he do? The actor then revealed that he has another passion in life.

“I would like to achieve. I’m trying to put things together. I made a short film that you can see on her my Instagram account, which was very award-winning. »He explains. He adds that he would like to make a feature film and get behind the camera.

“It will come. I leave time, “concludes the actor. Case to be continued.


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