A better life: Francesco got angry for crushing on the street!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Francesco, who was annoyed by Bilal’s mockery, will settle accounts with the latter!

A sequence of “Plus belle la vie” is likely to amuse its viewers. In the excerpt, Bilal is openly going to make fun of Francesco who has become a real star on the Web … And he is not going to let it go.

More and more of you are following the new intrigues of “Plus belle la vie”. And some Mistralians have seen better days!

Nothing is going well within the Marci family. Thomas still has not digested his father’s past actions towards Sophie.

Resentful, Doctor Riva’s companion therefore decided to distance himself from Roland. Wanting to move forward, he even sold his shares of the Mistral bar to start his own restaurant with Barbara.

To make matters worse, Thomas also decided to baptize him the “Marci”. Unsurprisingly, Mathis’s great-grandfather was hurt that he used their surname without consulting him.

Following this, Roland will therefore leave Marseille for a while to take a step back from everything that has happened. Fortunately, other characters from “Plus belle la vie” have a much happier daily life.

Like Estelle and Francesco. A few days ago, the couple barely saved the famous influencer Julia aka JuLife who wanted to end her life.

Following this heroic act, they in turn became real celebrities on social networks. We love !


Right now in “Plus belle la vie”, Estelle and Francesco are slowly adjusting to their new virtual notoriety. Lovebirds are often recognized in the street.

Advocating for a time a life “without social networks”, the couple will gradually lend themselves to the game! Wanting to please their subscribers, Nathan’s roommates also organize lives that are causing a stir on the Internet.

It’s simple, people love their “simplicity” and they are grateful for saving their idol JuLife! Unfortunately, Estelle and Francesco weren’t prepared for the tackles of their haters.

And Barbara’s ex is going to pay the price live! During a sequence of “Plus belle la vie”, Estelle’s sweetheart overhears a conversation between Nisma and Bilal on a cafe terrace.

A time flattered to be the subject of their conversation, Francesco will however quickly be disillusioned! Not noticing his presence, Bilal laughs at his physique and his accent which he finds overly playful.

For him, Francesco does not deserve Estelle! Wanting to take his revenge, Thomas’s ex-colleague will then passionately kiss his sweetheart upon arrival.

As he leaves, Francesco will also lightly tap Bilal’s head in revenge. In the process, the cook will also prove to him that he speaks perfect Italian by uttering a curse. Given the reaction of Lola’s comrade, the message got through!


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