A better life: Fanny dares to flirt with Caesar!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Fanny will bring out the heavy artillery to crack Caesar to the chagrin of Thomas!

Currently in “Plus belle la vie”, Fanny shows that she wants to win back her ex-boyfriend Caesar. During a sequence of the famous fiction, the pretty brunette will use her charms to make him succumb.

Many intrigues are to be followed in “Plus belle la vie”. Last I heard, fans of the series seem intrigued by the obvious bond between Victoire and Romain Vidal.

As a reminder, the latter was admitted to Marseille hospital after being assaulted for saving Luna from possible rape. Over time, Victoire and her colleagues learn that the latter is a very famous doctor in a Parisian hospital.

There, he also manages a neurosurgery department. Passionate about his profession, Romain has several times helped Victoire save patients thanks to his peerless diagnoses.

Like her husband Sacha. Annoyed for a while by her colleague, Estelle’s sidekick will gradually be seduced by her personality.

Besides that, Romain Vidal is also very attractive. In the hospital, no one is immune to her charm!

Lately Victoire even seemed very happy to have a few more days left in Marseille. Although she is happy in her marriage, the young woman will gradually give in to temptation.

But she’s not the only “Plus belle la vie” character to experience turmoil in her private life. Indeed, Caesar could encounter some turbulence with Barbara!

More beautiful life: Fanny dares to flirt with Caesar in front of everyone!


A few days ago in “Plus belle la vie”, Thomas and Barbara were finally able to inaugurate their long awaited restaurant: “Le Marci”. Unfortunately, their project did not make everyone happy at the Mistral.

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Quite the contrary! Upset, Sophie and her colleagues fear their bar will overshadow them.

It must be said that Léo Castelli’s daughter and her sidekick are struggling to satisfy all their customers. Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, they hired Fanny, a bubbly young woman who shines brilliantly as a waitress.

But what the pair didn’t know was that she had a relationship with Caesar in the past. And for several days, the ex-lovers seem to enjoy playing with fire.

Observer, Thomas finally understood their little game of seduction. Intimidated by the boss of GTS who financed part of his bar, he remains silent for the moment and has said nothing to Barbara.

But he could end up breaking down. Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Fanny will multiply the allusions and actions to seduce Caesar again during his services.

She even offers him a scorching weekend in the Calanques. And the latter is not necessarily against the idea.

Will his couple with Barbara be shattered? To date, anything is possible. To be continued…


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