A better life: Estelle and Franscesco were ridiculed!


In the last episode of Plus belle la vie, Francesco discovers that Jimmy Moon has paid his head by making a parody of him!

In episode 4214 of Plus belle la vie… Francesco was amazed to discover that Jimmy Moon had paid his head … and Estelle’s at the same time!

In the February 11, 2021 episode of Plus belle la vie, Francesco finds out that Jimmy Moon has been playing around with his accent. The latter has indeed shared several humorous videos via his social networks!

So, while Francesco is working in his food truck… A customer shows him the parodies of the young man who obviously likes to copy his Italian accent… and also imitate Estelle!

Indeed, in the video that Francesco discovers, we can notably notice that Jimmy Moon does not hesitate to use accessories to imitate Estelle and Francesco! An excellent imitation … But that didn’t seem to make the main concerned laugh at the moment!

And for good reason, on the video in question, Jimmy Moon makes fun of his accent and also his physique, like his hair on his chest! “It’s good that you do not take it badly”, launches the person who shows him the videos … Only here, Francesco just seems to take it badly!

Indeed, watching the parody of Jimmy Moon, Francesco, played by actor Emanuele Giorgi in the series, does not laugh even once… He even looks very surprised! You can see his very serious demeanor in this screenshot below! An image from today’s episode of Plus belle la vie.


On Wednesday February 10, 2021, rapper JuL shared a video of a Plus belle la vie actor listening to one of his songs!

Indeed, via his Instagram story, we could see that it was the actor Marwan Berreni! The actor who has played the role of Abdel Fedala for more than 10 years in the series!

Moreover, the latter listened to the Marseille artist while he was in the middle of filming the series. A video that obviously made the interpreter of “It’s not lol” very happy!

Indeed, no matter the fan, famous or not… JuL loves to share videos of his admirers enjoying his music! So when it comes to an actor in the Plus belle la vie series, it’s only natural that the 31-year-old artist is in heaven!

And for good reason, it’s no secret … The rapper is very attached to the city of Marseille! Et Plus belle la vie is a 100% Marseillaise series! The combo is therefore a winner for JuL who takes every opportunity to put his city of birth forward!

Indeed, the “organized 13” project which brings together several rappers from Marseille is proof of this! Indeed, this is an initiative of JuL!


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