A better life: Emma’s face is distorted!


Emma has seen better days in “Plus belle la vie”. Wanting to resume boxing, the pretty brunette will fall on a tough opponent!

Right now in “Plus belle la vie”, Emma obviously needs to change her mind. To do so, she will put on her boxing gloves again! Unfortunately, Mathis’ mother is going to take a hard time.

In recent days, there have been a lot of twists and turns in “Plus belle la vie”. Jean-Paul finally understood that Samia had indeed left Marseille of her own free will. But there are still gray areas to be clarified.

Wanting to protect his daughter, he refuses for the moment to tell her the truth. But little Lucie feels that her father is hiding something from her.

In the midst of turmoil, Boher can of course count on the unwavering support of Ariane, Estelle. But also Léa.

For her part, Babeth’s daughter has finally accepted the post of Deputy Mayor! But things will not be easy.

Indeed, she will be confronted with certain problems that Samia has encountered in the past. And Lougane won’t necessarily be of great help to him.

Other characters in “Plus belle la vie” also have busy daily lives. Like Emma!

The young woman sometimes feels overwhelmed in her role as a mother. In parallel to all this, Baptiste wishes to have a second child with her.

But every day lovebirds are not always on the same page. In the process, Emma also reunited with her younger sister Camille after years of absence.

Overwhelmed by the events, the pretty brunette is going to want to do battle with someone. That’s why she’s going to take up boxing again! But his return to the ring is not going to go as planned.


Determined, Emma seemed confident about her qualities as a boxer. But soon in “Plus belle la vie”, she will come across stronger than her.

Her opponent (a young woman with a strong character) will not support her provocations. In response, she will even teach him a hell of a lesson!

Receiving her attacks for a while, Emma will over time receive a shower of blows in the face. Damaged and shocked, Caesar’s sidekick leaves the ring without asking for his rest.

Decidedly, the misadventures seem to follow one another for the young mother. For starters, she found it hard to forgive herself for having been negligent with her son for a while on a walk in Marseille.

In addition, his reunion with Camille was rich in emotion. Now the two women seem to want to make up for lost time.

But in “Plus belle la vie”, there are always twists and turns in the plots. And fans of fiction may well fall from above!


In recent years, Camilla has lived through hell! Abducted as a child when Emma was supposed to watch her, Mathis’s aunt was held in a slum.

Fortunately, she managed to escape! But her captor will certainly do his best to find her … If he hasn’t already! So to follow in “Plus belle la vie”.


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