A better life: Emma will do anything to protect Camille!


In the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, Emma will be very protective of her sister Camille to the chagrin of Baptiste.

The intrigues multiply in “More beautiful life”. Happy to have found her younger sister Camille, Emma is doing her best to help her in her new life. Despite Baptiste’s alerts, Mathis’ mother seems to ignore his strong reactions.

The Mistraliens have seen better days in “Plus belle la vie”. It’s not Roland Marci who will say the opposite!

For starters, Thomas never forgave him for his past actions towards Sophie and their 2 children. Injured, the latter no longer wants to work with him in their family bar.

In parallel to all this, he will also launch his own restaurant with Barbara in Marseille. If Leo’s daughter was able to count on Caesar’s help to raise funds, Thomas decided to sell his shares in the Mistral bar.

Fortunately, Claire’s darling decided to buy them back from her in the process. Needless to say, Roland will fall from above when he finds out that his son has found a place a few steps from his restaurant.

Thus, they will become competitors! But it is bad knowledge of Sophie who will use his mischief to put obstacles in the wheels of Barbara and Thomas.

At the moment, a whole different plot seems to fascinate fans of “Plus belle la vie”. It also concerns Emma!


A few days ago in “Plus belle la vie”, Emma finally found her sister Camille who was kidnapped when she was a child. Feeling guilty, Caesar’s sidekick has kept this heavy secret for a long time.

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Not surprisingly, their reunion at the police station was very moving. But over the course of their research, Eric and his colleagues will realize that Mathis’ aunt has been confined all these years in a cellar.

She obviously suffered a lot of abuse from her captor. The young woman has multiple markings on her body, and medical teams have also found the letter “J” engraved on one of her arms.

Obviously, Camille has many consequences because of everything she has suffered! And his reactions are often disproportionate.

To this day in “More beautiful life”, caution is required because his torturer is still running. Taken aback, Baptiste goes to share his doubts with his wife.

Thérèse’s brother is convinced that the young woman should be followed by specialists. No longer wanting to be separated from her, Emma will ignore her worries despite her husband’s justified explanations!


Thanks to the information provided by Camille, Patrick and his men were able to carry out analyzes in the house where she was imprisoned. But his tormentor by the name of “Jacob” took every precaution so that they could not find him any time soon.

Nevertheless, the investigators will still make macabre discoveries. Mournful drawings are to be studied on the walls of the cellar, and tombstones have been found in the garden of the house.

To make matters worse, Emma and Baptiste will quickly become disillusioned in the days to come. Indeed, Camille is a victim of Stockholm syndrome.

And some of his actions could endanger their entire family. To be continued in “Plus belle la vie”!


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