A better life: Emma is pregnant with her boyfriend, Baptiste!


Finally some good news in Plus belle la vie! Emma is pregnant with Baptiste. The young woman is happy to be expecting a child.

If everything was rather tense between Emma and Baptiste in Plus belle la vie, things will change. The reason ? The young woman is pregnant. She didn’t believe it and yet her sweetheart’s wish came true. Good or bad news ?

For the couple, times were rather complicated. Between the arrival of Emma’s half-sister and her doubts about Mathis, nothing was going well. Still, things could get better for the lovebirds. Baptiste’s wish has just come true.

Dad has wanted his wife to have another child with him for a while. But the young woman didn’t really believe it. But in an indiscretion, we see a surprising scene. Baptiste surprises Emma and offers her a pregnancy test.

And great news in Plus belle la vie, the young woman is pregnant. At first she tells Baptiste that he is “crazy”. “Do you know you have to be several days late for your period to get a test? Emma asks. But he believes “in miracles”.


But to please her darling in Plus belle la vie, Emma will take the test. And Baptiste is very impatient. All of a sudden you hear “it’s not possible”. The young woman returns in a fury to the room happy and fulfilled.

She then announces to her darling that the test is positive! She is pregnant! News that fills the young man with happiness. Even he didn’t really believe it and yet. Will Emma go through with her pregnancy?

A new story therefore arrives in Plus belle la vie. We can’t wait to experience Emma’s pregnancy in future episodes of the series. In any case, it’s good news for the couple who were starting to falter a bit.


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