A better life: Emma is getting weird with the Baptiste!


Emma is likely to question the fans of “Plus belle la vie”. In the next episodes, she seems to distance herself from Baptiste.

One of the couples in “Plus belle la vie” may encounter some turbulence in the episodes to come. Since the return of her mother to Marseille, Emma seems to be at worst to the chagrin of Baptiste. And she will do the irreparable to forget her distress.

At the moment, the intrigues are continuing in “Plus belle la vie”. And it’s war on the Place du Mistral!

Indeed, Roland and his teams did not digest enough that Thomas and Barbara launched their own restaurant a few steps from the “Bar-Marci”. And that’s not all !

Yes, Doctor Riva’s companion also used his surname to baptize his without consulting Roland. Annoyed, Sophie has yet multiplied strategies to get rid of their main competitors.

Without success ! Injured, Mirta’s ex therefore decided to leave Marseille in order to recover from his emotions.

His grandson Baptiste has also seen better days. Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, he discovered that his wife had hidden from him that she had a younger sister named Camille.

And for good reason, the two women have a heavy past. Indeed, Mathis’s aunt was abducted as a child when Emma was supposed to watch her.

Captured in a cellar by a man named Jacob, Camille was fortunately able to escape. By wanting to host him, Baptiste and Emma also saw their daily lives totally turned upside down.


Unsurprisingly, Camille suffers from physical trauma linked to his confinement. On a daily basis, his reactions are often inadequate.

And she’s also a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. Emma’s sister has lied several times to protect her captor.

Worried about his family, Baptiste therefore decided to leave their home with little Mathis. Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Camille did not hesitate to overturn Jacob’s arrest.

With the help of psychologists, Patrick eventually probed his personality. He knows that the young woman is still in the grip of her torturer.

To break this emotional bond she has with the criminal, Babeth’s husband decided to move his mother to Emma’s place. Obviously, Thomas’s daughter-in-law doesn’t hear it that way.

Indeed, the latter is known to be manipulative. And she often brings those close to her to hell.

And Emma was right to be wary. Fairly quickly, Alice will succeed in sowing discord between the two sisters. The height!

Overwhelmed by events, Emma even cheats on Baptiste with another athlete she often meets at the gym. Over time, the young daddy will feel her distant.

But for the moment, the young mother has decided to hide her infidelity from her. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.


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