A better life: Does Fabienne disgust Samia’s end?


Actress Fabienne Carat left the Plus Belle La Vie series after playing Samia for fifteen years. Is she disappointed with her departure?

On January 8, the Plus Belle La Vie series bade farewell to Fabienne Carat. The one who played Samia Nasri is she disappointed with the end of her character?

End clap for Fabienne Carat. For the past fifteen years, the actress has taken on the role of Samia Nasri in the Marseille series Plus Belle La Vie.

The pretty 41-year-old brunette loved filming in front of the France 3 cameras. Nevertheless, she would like to sail towards new horizons.

With projects in his head, the co-star of Stéphane Hénon – the interpreter of Jean-Paul Boher – then made a radical decision.

Indeed, Fabienne Carat left the famous successful soap opera in December. However, due to the time lag between shoots and broadcasts, her character only left the small screen on January 8.

Thus, viewers of Plus Belle La Vie, informed of her departure, expected an end worthy of the name for the one who lent her features to the deputy mayor.

Moreover, everyone expected a flashback between Samia Nasri and Jean-Paul Boher. In recent weeks, the former lovebirds kept turning around.

In reality, the writers preferred another ending, to say the least, disappointing. While she always had a fiery temper and a strong head, the young woman evaporated into the wild.

His only farewell to his relatives? Two letters. First, to her ex-partner and the father of her daughter. Then to Lucie. So, Samia abandoned her own family…

What to disappoint the aficionados of his departure. One thing is certain, it is that they were not the only ones who wished for another end …


Indeed, the famous actress of Plus Belle La Vie also expected another scenario. A disappointment that she confided to our colleagues at Ciné Télé Revue.

“I have to admit that I really agree with the crowd in the sense that it’s a little strange start. Even I as a performer was confused, ”she explained at first.

Before adding: “It looks like they were taken aback when I gave notice of my departure beforehand. Even I didn’t know what was going on when I was playing, which was very disturbing. ”

Moreover, Fabienne Carat did not keep her tongue in her pocket. “I had to trust them, but I was a little unsatisfied. ”

According to her, “you would have to ask the question” of the production of Plus Belle La Vie to understand this ending. She, “like the viewers”, cannot provide more answer.

How sad … Especially since her character will not be replaced by a new actress. The public of PBLV, as it is often renowned, must mourn!


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