A better life: does Camille have to make a choice?


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Camille will be totally divided between the reasoning of Jacob and that of his sister Emma!

A new twist is coming in “Plus belle la vie”! The authorities have finally found Camille and Jacob. But Mathis’ aunt is going to have to make a choice that could change her life forever.

For several weeks, an intrigue has been holding the viewers of “Plus belle la vie” in suspense. It’s Jacob-oriented.

Over 10 years ago, this man kidnapped and kidnapped Camille, Emma’s sister. The latter wanted to fill the absence of his young daughter who was killed at the hands of his ex-wife.

A manipulator, Jacob made Baptist’s sister-in-law experience a real ordeal. Fortunately, Camille was able to escape in the hope of finding Emma in Marseille.

Unsurprisingly, their reunion was very moving. So it was only natural for Emma to offer her sister to host her.

But cohabitation proved to be very difficult. Indeed, Camille retains heavy consequences of his sequestration.

She often has inappropriate behaviors. But over time, Mathis’ aunt learned to adjust them thanks to her sister and Baptiste.

Unfortunately, the young woman is also a victim of Stockholm syndrome. Indeed, she lied several times to the authorities to protect her captor.

But recently in “Plus belle la vie”, fans of the famous fiction have also seen that Camille had evolved. Indeed, Jacob doesn’t have as much control over her as he once did.

More beautiful life: Camille must make a choice between Jacob and Emma?


A few days ago in “Plus belle la vie”, Camille even helped Lucie escape, much to Jacob’s dismay. In addition, the young woman has completely turned the situation around!

Jacob is now the captive of Mathis’s aunt. Every day, Emma’s sister tries to care for him as he has for her in the past.

Her tormentor realizes that Alice’s daughter is not as easy to handle as before. Despite his countless requests, she still refuses to release him.

Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Patrick and his teams will succeed in finding their isolated home in the woods. Surrounded by the GIGN, Jacob will try everything to rally Camille to his cause. Without success !

Indeed, the young woman will be completely upset when she learns that Emma is also present outside. In addition, Doctor Riva’s daughter-in-law also uses a megaphone to reassure her.

If Camille has wanted to protect Jacob for a while, she will eventually join her sister. But halfway there, Patrick and the GIGN will open fire on the house in which Jacob is hidden.

Will the latter die? At the moment, no one knows. So to follow in “Plus belle la vie”!


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