A better life: César makes an offer to Barbara!


In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, César made a sublime proposal to his girlfriend, the beautiful Barbara.

Between César and Barbara in Plus Belle La Vie, it’s serious. To prove it, he made a very nice proposal to his girlfriend.

In Plus Belle La Vie, as in Life, love is priceless. For his girlfriend, Caesar could pay her every penny from her bank account.

Indeed, the young shareholder of the company GTS is very happy and in love with Barbara. So he would do anything to help her launch her project.

If Caesar does not believe at all in its durability and reliability, due to the health crisis, he would agree to put his hand in the wallet.

In a next episode of Plus Belle La Vie, the pretty blonde is indeed only refused from the banks. Even that of his companion.

So, in these uncertain times, none of them want to help finance a restaurant. It must be said that it is far too risky.

Then, annoyed to see her so sad, César offers money to Barbara, played by Léa François. “I finance you, how much do you want?” He says.

Before asking him: “50, 100 thousand euros? »To which Barbara replies that she needs the double. A sum he accepts right away.


In shock, Barbara does not immediately accept her proposal in Plus Belle La Vie. Indeed, the young woman finds it difficult to understand how he can get out so much money.

While Caesar insists, she accepts. On one condition: “I will pay you back to the last penny. But her boyfriend doesn’t seem to want to accept it.

What he wants is for her to “pay in kind.” And then that’s all ! In any case, viewers of Plus Belle La Vie have never seen him so well with a woman.


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