A better life: Camille is confident in her heavy past!


After a long wait, Camille (Plus belle la vie) has finally decided to talk about her terrible past. The fans are shocked!

In this Wednesday, January 20 episode of Plus belle la vie, fans will witness an emotional scene. Indeed, Camille has decided to come back to her very painful past for the very first time.

She really amazed everyone. During the episode, Baptise (Plus belle la vie) spends some time with Emma. The latter decided to bring up the subject of her sister. She told her story, very moved.

For her part, Camille confides in Patrick on her heavy past. Indeed, Camille (Plus belle la vie) reveals to her that someone has kidnapped her but also been kidnapped for a while.

However, she does not remember her captor. Camille has no memory of this person. At worst, Emma decides to spend all her anger in the boxing ring. She falls to the ground after hitting a fist in the middle of a fig.


Emma subsequently confesses to Baptise that she does not wish to have another child. For her part, Camille (Plus belle la vie) has to take several exams at the hospital. And that’s when Victoire made a very astonishing discovery.

Indeed, she reveals to Eric (Plus belle la vie) that her DNA results show that she is indeed Emma’s sister. Victoire also reveals that she was not sexually abused by her captor.

On the other hand, the latter subjected him to terrible moments. Physical injuries are a testament to this person’s violence. Victoire made another discovery. Indeed, she noticed that Camille had a mark on her arm.

This mark looks like the letter “J”. And the least that can be said is that the fans are eager to hear more. It seems that everyone is getting closer and closer to the truth about Camille’s past (Plus belle la vie).


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