A better life: Camille finds Jacob and puts Emma in danger!


In the next episode of Plus belle la vie, young Camille escapes from the secure house and finds her kidnapper Jacob.

In the next episode of the Marseille series Plus belle la vie, Camille and Jacob will be able to meet again. The young woman puts her big sister Emma in great danger.

This is a crazy story! In the Marseille series Plus belle la vie, the plot about Camille and Jacob never ends. A new twist has just arisen in the plot.

Attention spoilers! In fact, Baptiste asks his friend Kevin to help him. Thus, the young man convinces him to give him the address of the secure house in which Camille, his wife’s sister, is located.

Meanwhile, Jean-Paul (Stéphane Hénon) can no longer hold on. However, Léa and Ariane take turns with him and provide him with support. In vain.

In fact, the police officer – his former colleague and his former partner – is increasingly worried about him. So much so that she removes her service weapon from her safe.

What about Patrick and Dr. Friedman? They still do not hear from the kidnapper Jacob. So they start to wonder. But also to doubt!

For the psychologist of Plus belle la vie, there is no shadow of a doubt: the kidnapper set a trap for them and they fell into it. So, he only wants Camille back.

And she’s just waiting to find him! So the young woman fakes a panic attack, before managing to escape through the window she left open …


While on the road, Camille crosses paths with her big sister in Plus belle la vie. So, she explains to him that she cannot stand their mom at all and would like to sail to new horizons.

In short, to find Jacob. Then the young woman ran away into the forest. Emma refuses to let her little sister escape and to hang out with such a dangerous man.

So Emma follows in his footsteps. At the same time, Baptiste begs her not to put herself in danger by telephone. Mathis’s mother is convinced that she’s safe. And yet ..

First, Emma watches her little sister from him. The latter finally found Jacob in front of a church, a meeting place he had given himself some time earlier.

Then the kidnapper and the victim of Plus belle la vie disappear from his field of vision. So Emma takes the risk of walking up to the church.

Problem, the pretty brunette ignores that she is not alone in the place. Jacob, discreetly, comes up behind her and teases her. So he lays his body down on the ground and points a gun at her. Will he pull the trigger? Case to follow in PBLV …