A better life: Boher gets worse after Lucie disappears!


Boher’s daughter has just been kidnapped in Plus belle la vie. And it’s Jacob who is behind it all. Camille decides to surrender.

Boher is having a hard time in Plus belle la vie. At the moment, things are not going well for the policeman. After the sudden departure of Samia who touched him a lot, his daughter Lucie has just been kidnapped! And it is Jacob who is the kidnapper of the little girl.

In recent weeks, a new plot has taken place at the Mistral. Camille, Emma’s sister makes an appearance in the television series. After years of confinement, she manages to escape and reunite with her family. But nothing is easy for her.

Already she suffers from Stockholm syndrome. She is having a hard time breaking away from her captor Jacob. but when Boher’s daughter is kidnapped by the same man, the girl does not feel well and wants to help. But will that be enough?

Because the man is not very balanced. Her real daughter would die when she was little. Jacob has since wanted to replace her with other girls. So when Camille escapes him, he really feels alone in Plus belle la vie. So he decides to find another little girl.

And he sets his sights on Boher’s daughter. While walking in the park with his father, he manages to kidnap him without the policeman noticing. Which drives him mad with rage and despair. But the story does not end there. The kidnapper sends a video of his daughter to Jean-Paul.


And to annoy Boher, Jacob runs his hand through Lucie’s hair. We see her sleeping soundly in a little girl’s room. When Camille sees the video, she knows it is the same room she was held in for years.

She decides to help the police in Plus belle la vie. Because what the kidnapper wants is to find Camille and make an exchange with Lucie. At first the police want to try to trap him. But the girl chooses a different option. She goes directly to his house and is taken prisoner.

She tells him she’s coming back to him for good. That she understood her mistake. But it is not known if Jacob will really trade with Lucie. He might just keep the two girls. In any case, Boher can’t take it anymore. He is on the verge of breaking up. Enough is enough !

He is ready to do anything to find his daughter. But what will happen to her? Apparently the kidnapper could see the situation turn against him. But we don’t tell you more. We will have to watch the next episodes of Plus belle la vie to find out more.


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