A better life: Baptiste sends a telegram to Alice!

The war against Alice intensifies in Plus belle la vie! Emma’s mother has just returned, but Baptiste is not going to leave her alone.

So it looks like Alice’s return to Plus belle la vie is not going to please anyone! While her daughter, Emma, ​​has let her know what she thinks about it, Baptiste adds another layer! He doesn’t look happy at all.

Because with the story between Camille and Jacob, the police thought that recalling his mother would be a good idea. So here’s Alice back to the Mistral … But as usual, Emma’s mother remains haughty and disagreeable.

As she leaves Camille locked in her apartment, she is taken to task by Emma. Her daughter accuses her of having “never loved” her and of wanting to treat Camille as her “new toy”. War breaks out in Plus belle la vie…

But she is only just beginning! Far from being taken down, Alice retorts her daughter that she was “too easy on her”. And so she won’t make “the same mistake” with her sister. Enough to drive Emma crazy!

By his side, Baptiste (who has no idea of ​​his wife’s deception) can no longer either… He makes a huge decision in Plus belle la vie: to put his stepmother out! And it does not go through four paths …

He’s throwing Alice’s stuff out the window! Enough to drive his mother-in-law crazy. But the young man seems determined: he can no longer see a stepmother who does not like him squatting at his house!

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Between his fed up and that of his wife, the young man decides to oppose his hateful stepmother head-on. No doubt a relief at the time. But you should probably expect a reaction!

Because Alice seems determined to interfere in Camille’s life. But also in those of Mathis, Emma and Baptiste … She would not miss any more that she discovers the guilty return of her daughter to the boxing club! Danger in Plus belle la vie.

Emma could thus find herself in a delicate position. While her mother seems hated by everyone, she could pose a danger to the couple. He must therefore be quickly removed from the little secrets of the family.

However, Alice has just returned to the daily life of Plus belle la vie. So she doesn’t seem to want to leave! On the contrary, she seems to want to give her daughter a frank opposition.

So that promises big worries! Because Baptiste and Emma didn’t need that. Already in delicacy in their relationship, they would have needed calm, rest … In short, to find each other. But they find themselves at war with Alice. Who will not give them any respite!



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