A better life: Are the mouses caught in terrible turmoil?


Nothing goes any more for Mouss … In episode 4149 broadcast tonight on France 3, the young man will be more than ever in turmoil …

Tonight in Plus belle la vie, Mouss’s future will be more than compromised. Indeed, at the beginning of the week, the latter was arrested by the police.

The latter was remanded in custody after Commissioner Mazelle placed false evidence in the bedroom of the character of Plus belle la vie. An abject attitude, then.

The police superintendent wants Mouss to pay for Monique’s death. The latter was none other than Claire’s best friend, then.

At the beginning of the week, young Mouss therefore had to face the police. The latter therefore continues to proclaim his innocence, but nothing helps, because the charges against him are too heavy …

Tonight, in Plus belle la vie, a person will testify, therefore. What to fill even more the heavy file of Mouss. So what will be the escape route?


The young man will therefore experience very difficult times in prison. But, it was without counting on Xavier Revel, who will therefore discover that Mazelle lied and did everything to trap the young man.

In the excerpt broadcast exclusively on the Plusbellalavie.fr website, the Public Prosecutor will go to the police station to hear a young person from the Cité des Parcs.

This denier therefore claims that Mouss, in his wheelchair, would sell drugs illegally. The young man therefore referred to the young woman who was cowardly killed.

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“The girl who got killed unfairly, that’s too dirty, it disgusts me, so what made it worth going to jail,” he told the police commissioner. He considers this testimony to be very important for the rest of the current case …

Moussa’s future is therefore more in danger than ever … What if the young man who testified against Mouss had given false information?


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