A better life: Alison and Abdel are happy to be parents!


Not long ago, fans of Plus belle la vie met Bilal and Nisma. Abdel and Alison have become their guardians. Elsa welcomed several weeks ago her nephews, Bilal and Nisma in Plus belle la vie. However, she can no longer take care of them and Bilal has become their guardian. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Several months ago, the Fedala family found themselves at the heart of a big intrigue in Plus belle la vie. Indeed, Renaud, Elsa’s brother was killed in the middle of the street. He left behind two teenagers: Bilal and Nisma.

Police had to investigate the family and discovered that Alison had received an illegal transplant. So Elsa got into big trouble and can no longer take care of the two young people. The teens had a hard time coming to terms with their father’s death and now have to change their lives.

In Plus belle la vie, Bilal had struggled to accept his new family. So he had a fight with Alison when she was just getting out of the hospital. Nevertheless, he recently owed her obedience in Plus belle la vie.

As Elsa can no longer take care of the two young people, Abdel has devoted himself and therefore becomes their tutor. Elsa Shoulder and the two young people are “parents” of two teenagers in the midst of revolt!


In episode 4147 of Plus belle la vie, broadcast this Tuesday, November 9, Alison and Abdel take up their guardianship duties. A task that is not easy for the two lovers who have to find a rhythm. So Abdel is struggling and seems already overwhelmed!

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Besides, in the early morning, Abdel is not in a very good mood. Indeed, he realized that Abdel had not tidied up his room and left everything in a mess. “Have you seen the condition of his room ?!” he said to Alison. Still, she tries to reassure him by explaining that she was not very orderly younger.

Finally, Abdel has to face another problem with Nisma in Plus belle la vie. The teenager is not allowed to wear her headscarf in high school, but she does try to wear it. The young woman does not listen to Abdel and even seems to have repartee! “Are you going to make the remark to me every day?!”.

Alison and Abdel therefore have difficulty in their role as guardians. The two young lovers will have to learn to be respected in front of the teenagers!


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