A better life: Alice returns to help Camille!


Alice will be making her comeback in Plus belle la vie to help Camille! We give you more details. Alice is back to help Camille in Plus belle la vie!

A new week begins tomorrow for the characters of Plus belle la vie. Fans then wonder what will happen in the next episodes of their favorite show.

Do not panic. We tell you everything!

First of all, we know the police are still looking for Jacob. But she can’t find him.

In fact, the police discovered bones. These belonged to Jacob’s daughter. So it was to replace his daughter that he kidnapped Camille from Plus belle la vie.

The latter considers him as her father. Camille and Emma are still on the case.

But Jacob remains nowhere to be found! On the other hand, Friedman thinks that to calm Camille, you have to bring her mother back.


Thus, Alice is making her comeback in the series Plus belle la vie. Indeed she returns to the Mistral to help Camille.

Which doesn’t necessarily please Emma. Besides, this one is on the verge of collapse.

Alice on her side tries to manipulate Camille. She tells him false childhood memories and punishes her. Camille then wets the bed and Emma is desperate!

On the other hand, Jacob is about to kidnap Lucie! She was in the park with Lea and Boher.

He then throws a ball at Lucie’s foot. The little girl falls into her trap and gets embarked!

Thomas and Barbara are about to open their restaurant. But the name Thomas has chosen to give it sets fire to the powder!

Moreover, the facade of his restaurant is quickly ransacked! Find out more in the next episodes of the Plus belle la vie series! Case to be continued.


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