A beta version of Earn is available on Vesper, the startup of crypto billionaire Roszak


The first of Vesper’s “Earn” pools, a DeFi ecosystem where crypto-assets are locked and earning returns, has gone into beta. With this feature, if any token is locked in the system, another token can be earned. The first of the pools that came to life was the pool where Ethereum was invested and DAI was obtained as a return.


The beta version of the first of Vesper’s Earn pools is available today. Users who lock Ethereum in the first place will be able to receive DAI interest. Other return pools to be opened to the system in the 4th quarter of this year are as follows:

  • Earn DAI by depositing WBTC
  • Earn ETH by depositing USDC
  • Deposit USDC and earn WBTC

Earn deals

It has been known that the concept of “programmable returns”, which offers new opportunities in terms of both DeFi and traditional finance, has been discussed among the Vesper community for some time. Here are some Earn apps that get Vesperers excited:

  • Spending money: Your spending rate may decrease thanks to your crypto assets.
  • Average dollar cost: Your stablecoin holdings can automatically lower your average.
  • Donation pools: By donating a portion of your proceeds, you can provide a controlled charity without spending your crypto fund.
  • Evergreen Funds: Earn tokens for a project by generating returns.

Vesper Earn can also be seen as a DeFi LEGO brick that allows complex structures to be built on it. The Vesper community shows interest in a donation pool that includes NFTs, and they also earn points for the assets they invest. These points can also be converted into NFTs created by artists, thus supporting the donation pool.

Beta details

During the beta version of the new earnings pools, pools will use the same calculation style as Vessper’s debut in February 2021, and each pool will be incentivized with 5,000 VSP. (So ​​a user’s rewards will be calculated based on their contribution to the pool over time)

If the beta period exceeds one month, pools will be rewarded with an additional 3,000 VSP per month.
For example, 29 days in beta will equal 5,000 VSP, while 31 days will equal 8,000 VSP. A 25% performance fee will be charged on the return, but there are no transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Vesper is a platform created for easy use of DeFi products.


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