A Barraca do Beijo 4: Netflix Movie will Have A Sequel?


A Barraca do Beijo 4: This Wednesday (11), Netflix released A Barraca do Beijo 3 (The Kissing Booth 3, in the original), continuing the successful teenager franchise of the streaming platform. Despite having an ending that could handle the ending of the narrative, many fans are already wondering if a new sequel will be produced.

But could Netflix ever make a new A Barraca do Beijo movie?

A Barraca do Beijo 4: Can a new sequel happen in streaming?

Apparently, the third movie, released this week, is the latest in the romance franchise. In production, Elle (played by Joey King) wants to enjoy her last summer before college as best she can.

However, several questions arise when she has to choose between going to Harvard, the prestigious American university where Noah (Jacob Elordi), her boyfriend, will also study in the future, or going to Berkeley, where she could spend more time with Lee (Joel Courtney), his best friend and confidant.


A lot of emotions are seen on the screen until the credits finally go up. As the novels are outlined during the narrative, Elle, Noah and Lee have to face some internal conflicts to be able to deal with certain aspects that will have a considerable impact on their own futures.

As a result, viewers may be left wanting to know more about what their fate has in store when it all ends.

However, Netflix has yet to officially mention the possibility of a new movie. Producers also did not publicly comment on the matter. Therefore, the possibility of A Barraca do Beijo 4 actually happening is very low for now.

It is also worth noting that, in an interview with Vanity Fair in 2020, Jacob Elordi categorically stated that he was not interested in filming a fourth sequel. When asked about the filming of A Barraca do Beijo 3, he stated that it would be “the last kiss”.

In addition, Beth Reekles, author of the novels on which the films are based, said via a YouTube video that she would not write a new novel wrapped in the universe of A Barraca do Beijo. “It’s time to say goodbye to these characters,” she emphasized.


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