A 3,300 euro mobile that does not even have WhatsApp


Turned into a daily element of our life, mobiles have different categories such as low-end, mid-range and high-end terminals, the latter smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 or the iPhone 12 for example. But there is also a separate range, one accessible to very few that we could call a luxury range. In it, phones like those manufactured by the English firm Vertu fit.

Launched in 1998 as part of Finnish giant Nokia during its heyday, Vertu was sold in 2012, 2015 and again in 2016. And when it seemed like it was more or less on the mend, it had to shut down.


But that the original company closed its doors does not mean that it is because the market of rich users who want the latest in decline has disappeared. For this reason, several Vertu employees have founded Xor, a company that aspires to follow in Vertu’s footsteps with unique models in the market for a privileged class.

His first creation is called Xor Titanium, so named because the terminal chassis is made of titanium. And unlike Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi, it is not about launching the newest in technology, but about weighing luxury and refinement absolutely above functionality and technology. So the Xor Titanium is basically… a Nokia 3210 in terms of what it can do – in fact the Nokia could do more.

‘Dumbphone’ functionality

Do not expect gigantic OLED QHD screens, nor flexible nor the latest high-end Snapdragon chipset, but a screen that occupies half the terminal – which comes in the ‘Candy Bar’ design so characteristic of classic Nokia -, and a physical keyboard that occupies the other half.

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The Xor Titanium offers 2G / 3G voice calls, sending SMS messages and… that’s it. It is a ‘dumbphone’ in every sense of the word that has neither WhatsApp nor GPS or anything, with a single technological concession in the form of a sensor to measure air quality.


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