A 20-game preseason winning streak is at stake tonight


Later tonight, the Baltimore Ravens will open the 2022 preseason schedule with a matchup against the Tennessee Titans.

Although the game ultimately has no real consequences, there is an interesting consolation that the Crows must win.

The Baltimore-based organization has a chance to extend its NFL record for the longest winning streak in the preseason. The team set a record by playing 20 games before the 2021 season, surpassing Vince Lomardi’s 19-game preseason winning streak of the Green Bay Packers, scored in the 1959-62 season.

The Ravens’ last preseason defeat occurred on September 3, 2015. If they win each of their three preseason games this season, it will be their sixth perfect preseason schedule in a row.

The second longest active winning streak in the preseason belongs to the Buffalo Bills, who have won eight in a row.

The Ravens will be looking to continue their preseason dominance in the home game against the Titans, which starts at 7:30 p.m. ET


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