960302419, The Phone Call That You Should Not Pick Up, Why?


960302419: At all hours, from 9 in the morning to even 10 and 11 at night. And always in a cowardly way, with unknown or hidden numbers so as not to identify them. Telephone Spam is a plague, and we have all gone through it, picking up the phone to hear someone on the other end determined to offer us a product, mobile, ADSL line or home insurance that we need, yes or yes, before we know it ourselves. .

And speaking of numbers, have you been called from 960302419 these days? Well, the best thing is that you do not pick it up and block it as soon as you can. Why?

960302419, the number you shouldn’t pick up

Last week, the telephone number of 960302419 accumulated 3,000 complaints and reports in forums, social networks and web pages in less than a day -and that’s not counting the Google searches that the number would have during the day. But it is not the only one, since it is part of a larger list of phones used in a new type of scam.

From impersonating operators such as MásMóvil to Orange or Movistar and even electricity companies with the excuse of charging you less, 960302419 has had a particular role these days. But there is more, all these below compiled by the TuExperto website and others that there will undoubtedly be:

854 569 396
919 543 822
960 30 18 43
854 56 93 82
960 30 16 87
931 22 50 81
955 31 00 43

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Impersonate those who impersonate, the scammers behind the line use the same modus operandi: They ask to speak with the owner of the line, they tell him that the next bill will have changes and that he will pay more for the monthly rate. The call is to try to lend a hand and lower the price, even below what the normal user pays. Other times it is for a promotion, a new offer, etc… Any excuse is good to pull social engineering and hunt you down.