94.7% of volunteers had no adverse effects with CoronaVac


During a press conference held this Wednesday (23), the governor of São Paulo, João Doria, released test data for CoronaVac, a vaccine against the new coronavirus that is being developed by the Chinese laboratory Sinovac in partnership with the Butantan Institute. According to him, 94.7% of the 50,027 volunteers in China had no adverse effect after receiving the substance, and effects of a degree considered low, such as mild pain at the application site, fatigue and moderate fever, were identified in only 5.36% of the participants.

“Low-severity adverse effects for a minority of people are common in widely used vaccines. The flu vaccine, for example, produced here by the Butantan Institute, has little harmful effects, such as pain at the application site, and no more than 10 % of those who are vaccinated have a reaction of this nature “, explained Doria. “In addition to being safe, CoronaVac is proving to be highly efficient. In China, it has shown 98% efficiency in immunizing people who have been tested.”

It is not yet known what the level of real effectiveness is, since such information, according to Doria, will be released after the inclusion of data referring to the tests of 9 thousand volunteer health professionals who received two doses, an amount supposedly necessary to protect the against Sars-CoV-2. Part of them is still waiting for the second application, but the total number should be increased to 13,000 in the country, including risk groups, such as the elderly and children.

Plans and negotiations

Emphasizing the need to wait for the completion of the third phase of tests in Brazil, Doria also informed the quantity of doses ordered: “By December 31, we will have 46 million doses of CoronaVac, and by February 28, 60 million doses, the which is sufficient for the immunization of all Brazilians in São Paulo “.

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CoronaVac can be applied in Sao Paulo from January.

Among the plans, discussions were pointed out with the Ministry of Health regarding distribution. In any case, the governor pointed out, the execution of an alternative plan is not ruled out: “What I can guarantee is that the Brazilians who live in São Paulo will not be without the vaccine”.

“We have already negotiated with the Ministry of Health to buy another 40 million doses of this same vaccine to allow vaccination of Brazilians from other states and we hope that, with the success of the Oxford and other vaccines, the federal government will be able to vaccinate all Brazilians in the shortest time possible “, he declared.


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