The 91-Year-Old Turkish Man Caught in Coronavirus Healed


Ibrahim Özalp, 91, who lives in London, the capital of England, was treated and improved after being diagnosed with coronavirus. Özalp will be discharged from the hospital where he is being treated.

Coronavirus continues to exert its full impact all over the world. England is also among the countries that have had a hard time due to the virus epidemic. Turks are among the people caught in coronavirus in the country. Ibrahim Özalp, 91, is also among the people caught in coronavirus.

Özalp, 91, applied to Homerton Hospital, north of London, with the complaint of heart compression 10 days ago. After the tests carried out in the hospital, it was determined that the old man caught the coronavirus.

Özalp, who had positive coronavirus test, received coronavirus treatment in the quarantine section of the hospital. The doctors who took part in the treatment of Özalp said that the old man got rid of the coronavirus as a result of the treatment. The doctors explained that Özalp’s open airways and strong immune system had a great impact on recovery.

Doctors of 91-year-old Özalp stated that people with a strong immune system can get rid of the disease more easily. The doctors announced that İbrahim Özalp, who survived the coronavirus, will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow and will remain under quarantine for a while.

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