90th day of the bride: Yulia Trubkina shows a terrible injury from a dog attack


Russian-born Yulia Trubkina from 90 Day Fiancé was recently attacked by a dog while walking her puppy. Fans may remember the Russian native by her appearance on the show with her American boyfriend Brandon Gibbs. The couple fell in love during a video call, and two years later they tied the knot in the United States. Julia loved her new country, but hated living with Brandon’s parents, Betty and Ron Gibbs. She insisted that her husband leave the family farm and rent an apartment in the city. After initial hesitation, Brandon finally agreed to move out of his parents’ house.

A couple of grooms on the 90th day are now living in their own apartment in Richmond, Virginia, and enjoying their happy family life. While Brandon is working as a pest control technician, former go-go dancer Julia is working on various interesting projects. A few months ago, she worked as a model for a modeling company in Virginia and boasted about her stunning looks on Instagram. Then Julia tried herself as a comedian. However, since she also loves animals, she finally decided to become a dog trainer.

Julia said that lately she has been training her puppy Willow Blue to compete. Although the dog behaves very well, Julia still keeps her on a leash during a walk. But she’s upset because other people don’t do the same. Julia recently posted a couple of videos on her Instagram story to tell how she was horribly bitten by a dog. She was walking her puppy outside when another puppy attacked him. She saved her puppy from being attacked, but injured her hand in the process. The dog’s owner apologized to Pillow Talk show star Julia and asked her not to report the incident to the authorities because her dog would be euthanized.

The reality TV star decided not to report the attack because she believed it was not her dog’s fault, but the owner’s. She said, “If the owner is not trained, it’s not the dog’s fault.” At the end of the video, Yulia mentioned that her hand was numb after she was bitten by a dog, but now she feels much better. Her nine-month-old puppy is also doing well. Fortunately, Julia did not suffer life-threatening injuries, and the dog that attacked her was properly vaccinated.

Yulia’s injury has started to heal, and hopefully the bruises on her arm will completely disappear within a few days. Seeing how 28-year-old reality TV star Julia keeps her cool after being injured by someone else’s dog is very inspiring. She could have reported the incident to the police, but chose not to press charges against the owner and save her dog. The viewers of “90 Day Fiancé” wish Yulia a speedy recovery.