900 Percent Increase Expected! Rally Possible In This Altcoin!


Markets offered investors 1000% gain opportunities in every period. Those who invest in the right project at the right time achieve this. Cryptocurrencies have not tasted for months, Bitcoin’s inability to stay above $ 40,000 has opened the doors of serious damage to investors. Altcoins are down more than 80% from the ATH zone, but we may have an altcoin with 1000% rally potential.

Bitcoin Predictions

While updating his outlook on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the cryptocurrency strategist, who is closely watched by investors, announced an altcoin he believes could record a 900% rally. Using the pseudonym Credible, the analyst told his 327,800 Twitter followers that he expects Bitcoin to drop as low as $38,000 before starting another rally.

“I expect a pullback from these close levels to at least $39k. However, we can see it as a foundation before a full comeback”.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin continues to find buyers at $ 39,450.

Rally Probability in Altcoin

Credible also predicted that Ethereum would form a triangle structure over the next few months before surging above $4,000.

“ETH took a breather as expected following my last tweet about it. If you are interested in adding/or creating an ETH position, you can watch the $2,500-2,800 region for spot purchases”.

Ethereum, on the other hand, continues to find buyers at $ 2,934 at the time of writing. The 9x potential altcoin on the radar of popular crypto analyst Credible is Curve (CRV), the governance token of the stablecoin-focused decentralized exchange Curve Finance.

According to the crypto analyst, CRV has already bottomed and it is unlikely to drop any further. From these levels, the altcoin should start rallying and continue on its way with 900% potential. CRV is available for $2.65 at the time of writing.

Such optimistic forecasts made by popular analysts may not always be successful. For this reason, investors should make their assessments according to their own risk profiles. We have covered these issues in detail in our article on the psychology of investing in cryptocurrencies, and we have comprehensively discussed the factors that lead new investors to loss.