90-day plastic surgery of the groom, which fans do not approve of


Some of the stars of the “90-day groom” were amazed by the results of their operations, but other cosmetic procedures puzzled viewers. As more and more fans of 90 Day Fiancé become influential people after broadcasting their international novels, more and more decide to change their appearance. While some stars are updating their appearance for the better, other actors of the series “90-day groom” have gone too far with their controversial procedures.

Surgery is a topic of heated debate among fans of the TV series “90 days of the groom”. Several actors have dramatically changed their appearance compared to how they looked when they first entered the franchise. While weight loss and photo editing are responsible for some of the changes, the actors have also turned to some controversial procedures to achieve great results. Some fans of 90 Day Fiancé support the right to change their body, although others believe that not all procedures are worth it.

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According to many viewers of the 90-day groom, actors such as Yara Zaya did a tasteful nose job procedure that improved her appearance. Other actors, such as Angela Dim, also spoke very openly about the work they have done. While several actors were honest and transparent in their procedures, viewers were still expressing their shock at the surgeries some actors decided to do.

Larisa Lima (Ab Etching)

Larisa Lima has undergone a significant number of plastic surgery procedures over the years. Many viewers do not understand whether she has improved her appearance. Nevertheless, the procedure for etching Larissa is perhaps the most controversial. Larisa decided to engrave a fake six-pack on her stomach, which, according to the general opinion of the audience, was strange. She proudly shared the work she had done, but it was difficult for her fans to support Larissa’s decision to engrave an artificial abs on her body.

Darcy and Stacy Silva (veneers)

Like Larissa, twins Darcy and Stacey Silva openly talked about their excessive plastic surgeries. Viewers said the twins had gone too far by changing all aspects of their appearance. However, most fans found the disturbing scene they shot in the movie “Darcy and Stacy”. Darcy flashed a shameful smile without veneers, exposing her shaved teeth. Many fans of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise were horrified that Darcy filed her real teeth to achieve a fake smile.

Ariela Weinberg (Body Filler)

Ariela Weinberg is the last participant of the series “90—day groom”, who was criticized for changing her appearance. Ariela decided to do a filler, as well as botox. Many viewers think Ariela has gone too far by changing her appearance, as she looks different than when she first joined the 90 Dau Fiancé franchise. However, viewers are most surprised that Ariela recently shared a video about how she is injected with filler in the ass. Ariela made it clear on 90 Day Fiancé that she was struggling with money, which caused viewers to be confused about why she needed injections to make her ass look fuller.