90-day-old grooms of the stars are accused of abandoning partners after losing weight


Many stars of the 90-day groom have undergone drastic weight changes after appearing on the show, and this may cause a breakup for some couples. Some celebrities are proponents of slimming drinks and beauty treatments, while others turn to physical exercise to lose weight naturally. No matter how these stars got into shape, it can create or destroy certain 90-day groom relationships.

90 Day Fiancé was the beginning of a franchise showing how Americans find love with international partners, and fans like the drama arising from these cultural differences. This has led to several entertaining spin-offs, such as “Up to 90 Days,” where Americans travel to their partner’s home country to find out if they are ready to get engaged, which usually ends in tears for couples. It also led to a very dramatic series Another way in which Americans move to their partner’s country.

The 90-day-old groom and his many versions are not known for their huge success in creating lasting relationships, although there are many couples over the years who still thrive together. Fans are watching for sincere relationships, as, for example, in the favorites of fans of “The Other Way” Armando Rubio and Kenny Niedermayer. They also keep an eye on couples like Big Ed Brown and Rose Vega, who may be one of the most mismatched couples of 90-day grooms in history.

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Mike and Natalie appeared in season 7 of The 90-day Groom and went through several other seasons before finally getting divorced. They were opposites who found it difficult to find a middle ground, especially because Mike liked to eat whatever he wanted, and Natalie had a stricter diet. Among their other problems, Natalie felt that she put more effort into her appearance than Mike did after losing some weight. The couple wasn’t supposed to be, but Natalie is still in the US, looking for love elsewhere for 90 Days: The Single Life.

Ash Nack and Avery Warner

Avery traveled to Australia to meet Ash in person in season 4 of “Up to 90 Days.” This couple had more chemistry than other couples, but there were some red flags that prevented them from continuing their relationship after the show ended. Couples of 90-day-old grooms break up for various reasons, from trust issues to just separation, but Avery left Ash mainly because he didn’t follow the diet she set for them. This, combined with her attempt to lose weight, forced Avery to leave Ash and move on.

Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Dim

One of the most talked about couples of 90-day grooms is Michael and Angela, who have had a roller coaster in a relationship. One of the biggest storylines for them in “Happily Ever After”? In season 7, Angela underwent surgery for sleeve resection of the stomach and breast reduction, which Michael strongly opposed. After the surgery, Angela brags about her weight loss and her new body, apparently leaving Michael in the dust. There are rumors among fans of 90 Day Fiancé that Michael and Angela have broken up, and the reason for this may be her weight loss.