90-day-old Groom: Mahogany shocks muscular body in ripped gym selfie


A new selfie in the gym of the young star of the 90-day-old fiance Mahogany Rock on Instagram shows not only her shocking weight loss, but also how muscular she has become. Former pastor Ben Rathbun found love in Peru after posting his shirtless selfies online. Mahogany, impressed by Ben’s photos, sent him a friend request, and a 90-day fiance: before a member of the 90-day cast got the chance to slip into her DM. Ben and Mahogany were connected by their faith and religion, and he immediately wanted to make her his wife. The problem was that during the three months they were dating online, Mahogany lied to Ben about her real intentions, address and age.

While 52-year-old Ben already considered Mahogany his girlfriend, a 22-year-old pretending to be 24-year-old flatly refused to date him. Mahogany blamed it on her father not letting her meet Ben, but it looks like she was the one in charge. Mahagoni refused to admit that she had a relationship with Ben, although he did not notice all her lies and the fact that because of her obsession with filters, she did not look like a Mahogany tree on Instagram at all. After the show ended, Ben stated that Mahogany doubted him because by that time he had involved millions of people in their romance without even meeting her in person.

TLC celebrity Mahogany did not reveal her true age and did not approach Ben out of caution, as he was an older man and a stranger she met online. But Mahagoni didn’t really answer why she edited her face and body on social media to look like a completely different person. However, it looks like Mahogany decided to give up Photoshop because of the hate she gets online. In her recent IG Story, titled “#Saturday” and “#morningcoffee,” Mahogany revealed her whole new side. A resident of San Bartolo bent her super-toned buttocks after a workout.

With her back arched, wearing high-waisted shorts, a sports bra and sneakers, Mahogany posed in such a way that the main attention was paid to her tanned and toned legs. Mahagoni, a law student, did not tell what made her lose weight, but it can be assumed that this is the result of training. Mahogany may have been influenced by her partner Ben, who has a sculpted physique that makes him look younger than he really is. Ben’s Instagram is full of his muscular photos and videos in which he inspires his followers to get a healthy body and follow his fitness journey.

Against the background of the fact that Mahagoni surprised her fans on Instagram with her slender figure and confirmed that she is not a shy young girl, as her 90-day-old fiance showed her, she also admitted that she can speak English fluently for ages. Recently, Ben and Mahogany also launched their joint YouTube channel, despite the fact that they have not yet told TLC viewers about their real relationship status. Ben and Mahagoni hinted that they were engaged or maybe even married, which is strange since their relationship was shaky during the 90-day conversation about the groom. And although fans of reality TV may have considered Ben a predator and Mahogany a fraud, they probably wouldn’t mind watching the next part of their catfish storyline.