90-day-Old Bride’s Fans Didn’t Recognize Emily in 2018 Instagram Selfie


Emily Biberli looks like a different person in a 2018 photo that 90 Day Fiancé fans recently stumbled upon. 29-year-old Emily has been striving to lose weight since fans met her on the TLC show. Emily was already a mother of 17-month-old son Koban when her partner from Cameroon Kobi Blaze moved to the USA. Kobi leave her. But any chance of Kobe and Emily breaking up seemed impossible when she found out she was pregnant again a few weeks before the wedding.

Emily and Kobe are staying with Emily’s parents in Kansas. Her father financially takes care of the couple and baby Kobane, although Emily seems to be working as a nanny. Despite this, Emily looks entitled and wants her mom and dad to pay for her wedding ceremony. Against this background, the second pregnancy only increased Kobe and Emily’s anxiety, so they still keep it a secret. There are only a few episodes left of the 9th season of the 90-day Groom, and Emily and Kobi’s relationship has reached a critical point. Fans see that Emily and Kobe are incompatible, because no matter how hard he tried to be a good father and husband, Kobe never made her happy.

However, there is one thing that seems to bring a smile to Emily’s face, and that is her fitness journey. Emily has lost 18 pounds or more since fans first saw her on the 90th day of the bride. However, Reddit user u/The_Chuckness88 shared a photo of Emily in 2018 on his Instagram, which shows how much her body has changed in recent years. Emily’s photo is part of a Facebook post in which a fan says he “can’t believe it’s Emily.” A fan wondered if this was how Emily looked when she first met Kobe in China, which is why Kobe was so “concerned about her weight gain.” Meanwhile, in the comments, fans said that Emily looks much older than her years.

One TLC viewer even thought that Emily looked “35” in the picture. “It’s hard to believe it’s her,” they added. “The face is completely different,” wrote u/yogabbagabba2341. But fans like u/dawnnie413 refused to believe it was Emily at all. “It’s not Emily at all! they wrote. Meanwhile, Emily’s shame in the world of the 90-day fiance follows her wherever she goes. Fans who hate Emily’s personality in the series have ridiculed her, saying that although she is beautiful both in the before and after photos, she needs to change her attitude so that they will love her.

While season 9 of the 90-day Groom is almost over, Emily hasn’t received her redemption arc yet. Fans are still on Kobe’s side, although he is often equally to blame for the problems they face in their relationship. Fans even suspect that Kobe and Emily may have already broken up, although judging by her social networks, this is not the case. The Tell-All can really show whether Emily and Kobe are together, as well as shed light on her weight loss transformation, which 90 Day Fiancé viewers are interested in.


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