90-day Grooms of Stars whose Style was ridiculed after weight loss


Weight loss journeys in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise are not always celebrated, as there are actors who are mercilessly trolled for the fact that their new style does not quite achieve the goal. Recently, there has been an influx of fitness transformations of the stars of the 90-day groom, who are making headlines. Quite a few celebrities from the TLC franchise have lost weight using various methods. Despite the fact that gastric balloon surgery seems to be a favorite among the stars, some claim that they have lost extra pounds through diet and exercise.

Often, the way a particular cast of the 90-day-old groom changes its shape is criticized by fans, who are often bombarded with advertising posts about slimming teas and apple cider vinegar chewing gums on Instagram. However, fans who expect that changing the weight of stars will have a positive effect on their style are often disappointed. These fans openly express their dissatisfaction on the pages of the stars of the 90-day groom on social networks, perhaps expecting the actors to stumble upon the comments and then hire stylists.

Those who receive the harshest comments about their clothes or hairstyles are the predictable names of the franchise. However, some of these fans want celebrities to look their best, unlike fans who may worry about the star having plastic surgery to radically change their appearance, or those who call disappointing before and after photos. Many were seen giving free fashion tips to the stars of the 90-day groom, who, in their opinion, could look much better after losing weight, emphasizing their slender bodies with outfits that are put together and polished.

Angela Dim

The success story of a Georgia woman Angela in losing weight is inspiring: she lost more than 100 pounds to take control of her health. However, fans who dislike Angela for her abusive and problematic behavior with Michael Ilesanmi in the 90-day Groom series are also freely mocking her new appearance on Instagram. Critics think she’s desperate because they think she’s trying too hard to seem cool on the Internet. In May, Angela recreated a scene from Johnny Depp’s classic movie “Crybaby” by pretending to be Amy Locane and dancing in a convertible. Comments on Angela’s Instagram post inspired one follower to say, “If only she dressed appropriately, she would probably look half decent.” Seeing a red dress with a cutout at the neck, in which Angela sang “Please, Mr. Jailer,” the fan rudely commented: “Why does it look like she has squirrel skins hanging from her chest?”

Molly Hopkins

Molly’s much-publicized weight loss journey is generally well received by fans. However, Molly was prosecuted for advertising potentially dangerous weight loss supplements, and fans openly disagree with her claims on Instagram. Molly said that she took weight loss supplements that helped her lose weight, but some fans suggest that she underwent weight loss surgery like Angela. In addition to Molly’s weight loss secret, which puzzles fans, some are also confused by her new style. In July 2021, Molly was wearing a leopard print swimsuit that accentuated her slim waist. However, there weren’t many fans who liked the outfit of Molly, CEO of LiviRae Lingerie, and one told her no, adding that her outfit looked “very cheap.” Someone even asked Molly, “Do you wear this in public?”

Darcy Silva

The iconic star of 90-day-old fiance Darcy is definitely used to receiving angry comments on her Instagram uploads. Darcy’s changing appearance, thanks to plastic surgery or filters, means that in the end she looks different in every photo. However, some of Darcy’s posts cause more hatred than others, for example, the February one. Although Darcy’s photo has gained more than 165,520 likes, the comments mostly come from her critics, one of whom asked: “What’s going on in this photo?” While Darcy looks much slimmer in the photo, dressed in a stylish black tight dress, some fans call her a “man.” Fans believe that Darcy needs to learn how to use photo editing apps more effectively, because in this case her eye is on top of her bangs. Moreover, several fans asked Darcy to change her hairstyle. “Bad braiding distracts from your real beauty,” wrote one 90 Day Fiancé fan who wants Darcy to get a dumb haircut next time.